How this website came to be…

On March 16, 2020, I received news that the fitness center I work at would be closing for two weeks due to COVID-19.

This got me thinking. How would I continue to workout? I won’t be able to teach my classes. How might this affect others?

With that, I decided I would try to conduct classes virtually so that those who enjoy working out but might not have enough equipment at home, those who don’t enjoy running in the rain since we are in Chicago and this season means either rain or snow, or those that just don’t seem to workout as hard when they workout on their own, can continue being active, despite most gyms closing.

I hope you find these workouts useful. I hope they help you:

  • Stay active while isolated in your homes
  • Keep up with your fitness goals by burning calories, building muscle, and improving your endurance
  • Feel connected to others while practicing social distancing as recommended by the CDC
  • Get 45 minutes away from those lovely people you live with so you can recharge and go back to them refreshed

Please check back here to find out when the next workout will be! I look forward to working out with you soon. Until then, be safe and wash your hands often.

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