Feeling Grateful

Thank you for a great showing this morning. We had 25 people in the class today! I still can’t believe we got this up and running. I am so grateful for each of you for motivating me to continue working out and trying new things. It is because of you all that I am really enjoying this Shelter in Place. 🙂

As I stated this morning, I am overwhelmed with the generosity of this group. I will be donating all of the money raised from here on out to the CDC. I am waiting until the end of our “lockdown” to donate all at once so that Mike’s work, Dell, will match. Some people have chosen to donate a lump sum all at once and some are donating per class. Any way you donate is great. Please know that this is not mandatory to participate in class; it is optional. All I care about is that for 45 minutes to an hour, you get to break a sweat, de-stress, build muscle and endurance, feel the camaraderie of our amazing group, and forget about the current situation we are in.

Be Fit. Be Happy. Be Safe.

Next classes:

  • Tuesday, March 24 @5:30 PM – Tabata
  • Thursday, March 26 @ 5 PM – TBD
  • Saturday, March 28 @ 9:30 AM – Boot Camp

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