A BIG Thank You

You all are truly amazing! I cannot believe the delicious spread of food, wine, flowers, and of course Bundt Cakes we received tonight. We feel so loved and are so grateful for your kindness. It was completely unnecessary, but so totally enjoyed and appreciated! I am lucky to have you as my workout peeps. I can’t imagine working hard, sweating, and getting stronger with any other group of people. You make every second of energy I put into planning these workouts worth it! Your energy fuels me. And the energy you just sent my way will be returned in favor tomorrow morning with lots and lots of love (which in gym speak, means burpees)! From the bottom of my quarantined heart, thank you. I am just speechless at the generosity.

You know that this does not mean tomorrow will be easy. In fact, it probably means just the opposite. So don’t drink too much or stay up too late tonight. I need you rested and ready to sweat bright and early! And I need to work off about 4 bundt cakes while we’re at it.

I will see you all at 9:30 AM. We might not be able to hit the bridge, but we will still enjoy playing cards!

Be Fit. Be Happy. Be Safe.

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