Class tonight and more…

Don’t forget to join me tonight for a quick, intense workout! 45 minutes of Tabata are ready to be done. Come join me and we will get through it together. See you at 5:30PM.

Insert awkward feeling and conversation as this is a really odd topic for me to bring up:

I’ve been asked a lot what the cost to join is. So, I spoke to a group of you at one of the Saturday classes about ways to keep this affordable for everyone while also allowing me to depend on my normal “gym” income. Everyone agreed that $25 a month per person was a good amount to invest. Assuming we have 10-12 classes a month, that is about $2-$3 a class. A considerably cheap price for the Amazing Talent and Exceptional Workouts you are provided (hahaha….had to make it seem worth while 🙂 Some have also requested to use Venmo or Zelle. Both are options, in addition to PayPal. Whatever is best for you. How does that sound?

And as always, if you are not able to afford that price, you are still welcome to join us, no questions asked. It’s more important to me that everyone is able to work out during this pandemic than anything else. So PLEASE do not feel obligated.

End Awkward feeling, never to talk about this topic again…thanks 🙂

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