Regarding Class Tonight…please read

I have both good and bad news.

I’ll start with the bad news first. I am currently waiting on COVID test results due to having a few of the symptoms. As a result, I am canceling tonight’s class (so I can rest), and possibly canceling Saturdays as well, if I don’t get the results tomorrow. I will keep you updated. Unfortunately, I think when I bought my car about 10 days ago, I may have left with more than a car. 😦

So what’s the good news: It’s beautiful out and there are an unlimited number of ways you can get your workout in, but you guys already knew that! And if you can’t get out or it’s too dark when you get home from work, pick any of the recorded workouts on YouTube.

I sincerely apologize about canceling. Here’s to not having COVID. 🤞

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