Tuesday Tabata- 5:30 Tonight

Don’t forget to join me at 5:30 tonight for a heart pumping workout!

You have all been doing so well and really working at staying fit and healthy during our quarantine. Keep it up! Don’t forget to comment here with any ideas or suggestions you have for classes. You can email me too.

Suggested weekly workout routine:

Monday: Something fun to start the week: Weights, walk/run, or some virtual classes: yoga, dance, spin

Tuesday: Tabata with Melissa

Wednesday: Low impact workout – (walking, yoga, spinning, weights)

Thursday: Tabata with Melissa

Friday: Rest Day – Relax and let go of stress from the work week. Enjoy a home made meal and your favorite adult beverage (assuming you are old enough to drink:). It’s important to NOT over train, especially if you want to keep your immune system in tip top shape to fight the Coronavirus.

Saturday: Boot Camp with Melissa

Sunday: Rest day or low impact/weight day.

Be Fit. Be Happy. Be Safe.

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