Workout notes for class

I am posting the notes for tomorrows class here in case anyone wants to copy them and print them out ahead of time. We will be completing these exercises, and since I know some of you move faster than others, I want you to have them so you can go at your own pace. You can also do a split screen of the exercises and the video.

I’ll explain more tomorrow.

700 Club workout #1

25 Squats with overhead press

25 Push ups

25 Kettle bell swings

25 Plank jacks

25 Split squats per leg

25Jjumping jacks

25 Burpees

Complete 2 sets

700 Club workout #2

25 Alternating lunges (on one leg)

25 Mountain climbers (on one leg)

25 Crunches or full sit ups

25 Ski jumps (on one leg)

25 bent over rows

25 Four corner jumps

25 Burpees with two kicks

Complete 2 sets

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