I tried to create a mini survey to get a feel for who is interested in an outdoor workout tomorrow morning, but Survey Monkey is down. If possible, can you just leave me a comment and let me know your response so I can put a workout together tonight?

Please answer the following in a comment below, an email, or text me:

  1. Are you interested in working out outdoors tomorrow?
  2. I was unable to reach parks and rec due to holiday hours. Are you interested/willing to come to Lake Zurich again? I am thinking of using the open fields by the park near my house (where you did stations if you came last time). Since we all like to workout together clearly (although we do a bit too much socializing sometimes):)
  3. You would bring your own weights, mat (if you want it), towel, water, etc. It’s in the grass and you could distance as much as you want or need.
  4. Please comment with home workout preferred if you do not wish to travel or be outside.

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